Monday, January 5, 2015

Halfway Hypes


It's January 5, 2015. Where has the time gone? Last time I made it here it was... 2014. But really, it's been awhile.

So many things have happened since my return from Barcelona! (which I miss terribly!!!) I am ecstatic to say I landed a job teaching third grade here in Jefferson County. It has been a whirlwind ever since. I was hired two days before school started.. TWO DAYS! As I frantically began preparing a classroom, my creativity begged to flourish... and so it did. I now have "Ms. Broderick's Band" complete with rock star of the week, backstage helpers, and a super colorful rockin' alphabet.

While all the glitz and glamour was exciting, the anxiety of running my own classroom, being THE teacher was overwhelming. The first few months were and still are quite a blur, but they were sure full of wipes, gripes, and hypes. I spent weeks, maybe even months trying to manage my classroom. There were days I came home crying and full of defeat (sometimes I still do). There were many days that I simply ended with the thought, "Well at least I'm alive..." Between data collection, interventions, differentiated planning, and behavior management sometimes I wonder if it is possible to actually be successful. Luckily, even though they are few and far between, I have days ending with, "Wow, this is what I am meant to do." Just when I feel at a completely lost, a student writes an encouraging note, or the quiet boy shares the most insightful comment and all of it comes back to me. These wipes and gripes all lead to the hypes that make this career so fulfilling.

With New Year's shortly behind us, I eagerly await the many more hypes to come this year.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello, Hola, Bonjour!

No matter where you are or how you have stumbled upon me, welcome to my blog! I am new to this, but look forward to sharing many exciting, silly, and exhausting teaching adventures with you in hopes to entertain, inform, and possibly even persuade you! I love to chat, write, and share things, so I'm giving this blog thing a go! Below are links to my pages to follow specific topics and events I'll be sharing!